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Grow in Faith toward Maturity: 31 Days to a Closer Walk with God

Grow in Faith toward Maturity: 31 Days to a Closer Walk with God

Book Reviews and Endorsements

“Deborah Nayrocker has written a great guide for new Christians. Easy to understand basics of the faith. I’d highly recommend it.”

James N. Watkins, Author

“Grow in Faith toward Maturity is a well-written practical guide which is filled with timeless truths on how to live a Christ-like life. Grow in Faith toward Maturity is an excellent devotional book for new believers and mature Christians alike!”  KSN



The Art of Debt-Free Living – Living Large on Less Than You Earn

An Award-Winning Book

Book Review

5-Star Review

The Art of Debt-Free Living is a no-nonsense guide to getting out of debt and staying that way. … Divided into page-size vignettes and personal testimonies, it breaks down practical advice into simple, quickly grasped concepts.”

Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch

Endorsements for the Book

“Deborah Nayrocker knows whereof she speaks. Her book, The Art of Debt-Free Living is thorough, insightful, practical, and enjoyable. It will be a life-changing blessing to anyone who not only reads it but also puts its principles and pointers into practice.”

Bob Hostetler, Award-winning Writer, Editor, and Speaker

The Art of Debt-Free Living will provide you with the information, resources, and how-tos you need to be financially responsible. Deborah Nayrocker has written a book that needs to be on every home bookshelf. She shares timeless principles for becoming fiscally fit as she inspires the reader to make choices that result in contentment.”

Carol Kent, President, Speak Up Speaker Services, Author

“No one asks, ‘Should we be debt-free?’ What many don’t ask (but should) is, ‘How can I become debt-free?’ Nayrocker’s book is filled with practical, common-sense ideas. This isn’t a book for everyone. This is a book only for those who seriously want to get out of debt – and stay out of debt.”

Cecil Murphey, Writer, Co-writer, and Ghostwriter, Author of Gifted Hands and 90 Minutes in Heaven

“Well-researched, extremely practical and very do-able. By following Deborah Nayrocker’s principles, you’ll recoup the cost of the book in just the first week.”

James N. Watkins, Author and Speaker



Living a Balanced Financial Life

Book Review

Living a Balanced Financial Life by personal finance expert Deborah Nayrocker is a compilation of a twelve-week program of specific lessons that approach money management from a distinctly Christian perspective. Every [one] who is struggling with money management issues should give a careful and considered reading to Living a Balanced Financial Life.

Midwest Book Review, Wisconsin Bookwatch

Endorsements for the Book

This study consistently takes the reader to the Word of God. A refreshing study.”

Henry Blackaby, Author

“I enjoyed the way you use Scripture and direct the reader to the concept that God owns everything, before getting into the nuts and bolts of managing money.”

A reader, Melanie P.


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