Grow in Faith toward Maturity: 31 Days to a Closer Walk with God

Do you believe you can know God in a personal and meaningful way? Have you discovered knowing about God isn’t the same as knowing Him? There is a difference between religion and relationship.

Believers have a relationship with God, trusting Him. With the Word of God to guide you, you can be intentional in your spiritual transformation.

This book has thirty-one chapters, or brief readings, designed for daily devotional use.

In Grow in Faith toward Maturity you will learn:

  • Essentials of the Christian faith
  • What you received in God’s gift of salvation
  • How you can know and follow God’s will for your life
  • How you can live a changed and transformed life

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The Art of Debt-Free Living – Living Large on Less Than You Earn

Why do some people go through life with essentially few money worries, while others have endless financial struggles? Their level of income may differ very little. Many of them who are financially secure may even have smaller incomes than those who struggle to keep up with their bills. It is possible to live a debt-free lifestyle but there needs to be a plan that will work.

Getting out of the debt cycle is not only possible. It can be a reality for you.

The Art of Debt-Free Living

  • Shows the relevant factors affecting your spending and money management
  • Encourages you to examine your spending habits and look at positive and negative consequences
  • Focuses on the subtle reasons why you make your money lifestyle choices
  • Provides a practical step-by-step guide to get you on the right track and become financially savvy

Discover the Four-Step Plan to Positive Cashflow.



Living a Balanced Financial Life

This book blends biblical principles with contemporary issues.

Is the Bible relevant to how you spend your money and use your resources? How does applying God’s Word help keep you from indebtedness and lead you to a balanced financial life? How does faith affect your money management?

Author Deborah Nayrocker addresses these and many other questions in this twelve-week study.

Living a Balanced Financial Life

  • Focuses on pertinent factors that affect you today
  • Is in workbook format
  • Has loads of interactive application sections, sidebars, charts, and background information

Get ready to learn important biblical concepts about money, possessions, and riches. These principles help you make better money management choices that result in contentment.


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